Input your annual expense for tools and parts in the field below. The calculator will automatically generate the amount of Phyxter points you could have earned if you used Phyxter to buy your tools and parts!

Default values: $50,000 in annual expense and 6% saved due to receiving competitive quotes. Change them and estimate how much you could save by using Phyxter! You can refer the notes below for additional explanation.

1) Annual Expense: Input your annual expense on tools and parts. Default is $50000 
2) How much do you estimate you could save (in percent): Statistically, you can save approximately 6% of your total expense just by receiving multiple competitive quotes. If you expect to save less or more, change the default value to whatever you’d like.  
1) Phyxter Rewards: Every time you purchase using Phyxter, you get 1% back in points. $1 = 100 points.  
2) Point value: Each dollar is worth 100 points.  
3) Estimated Savings: Depending on how much you expect to save, this output will show you your estimated savings due to receiving competitive quotes 
4) Total Estimated Value of Using Phyxter: Just the sum of the points valued in dollars and estimated savings due to competitive quotes.  

Want more Phyxter Points?

Refer a Wholesaler!

We bet you know some awesome wholesalers. If you don’t see a wholesaler in your area, a good option would be to refer them. That way, you can earn some more Phyxter Points through our pay-it-forward program!

Referring more wholesalers, means more quotes, more savings, and more points! To learn more about our pay-it-forward program, click here.

Fill the form below, and we’ll send you a customizable email that you can forward to a wholesaler. It includes all the information a wholesaler might need, plus how it benefits you! Just remember to add your referral code.

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*CR Rewards, the company that handles our rewards program, charges a 20% transaction fee. So, if you wish to utilize your points, you’d need an additional 20% to claim the reward. Say you have 1000 points and that can get you a gift card, you’d need 1200 points to actually claim the reward.
**The 6% price saving is an estimate. We cannot guarantee if you will actually end up saving this exact amount!

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